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It's something that everybody knows. There are moments in your life that you would most like to forget, but eventually you come to the conclusion that you can not always live what it was because you can only change what you have before you. There is nothing but hope for a better tomorrow, which was elegantly summed up by John Lennon, who said, "At the end, everything is good and if it does not work well then it's not over."



After 12 years of existence became one of the most famous czech music representants in the world, played on prestige festival stages in more then 30 countries, from biggest festival in the world Glastonbury thru Kyjev, Soul or Australia. One of the last exotic desination was Algeria.

In the front stands Roma rapper, musician and singer Radek Banga born in March 1982 moving on music scene in Czech republic and in the world since he was 13 years old. From amateur records he jumped to professional sound starting with Syndrom Snopp - the hip-hop underground band which developed first records in 1996. After becoming the official artist of BMG Czech republic he started to write song for other artists from hip-hop to mainstream pop.

Official project "" has started lately in 2004, when Radek met the violinist Vojtěch Lavička. The unique sound of was influenced by previous Radek Banga album Ya-favourite Cd-Rom (2004). Here the first attempts of combining gypsy traditional music with rap, hip-hop, funk can be found. Album was very successful abroad because of english lyrics and very untypical sound.

Since its inception, the band celebrated its numerous domestic and international success. In 2006 won czech Angel Award Newcomer of the Year. At that time it was awarded Romano hip-hop magazine Filter as the most successful single of the year. Proof of author skills were also Prices OSA in 2007, where Radek Banga became winner in the category of the most successful author of popular music in 30 years. Filter magazine praised another year - the group has become the best live band in 2007. significantly helped the mutual understanding and better communication between the minorities and the majority, Radoslav Banga was the 2007 national ambassador of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All . A series of successes did not stop there. In 2008 first enforced in the most prestigious and oldest Czech poll Czech Nightingale.

As the Breakthrough of the year reached the 89th position on the incredible 10th place. The album Romano Hip-hop was very quick and gold next album Reprezent even ranked in the prestigious European chart World Music Charts Europe on 3rd place. There he held several weeks. thus became the first Czech group, which fought its way into the charts so high. They are also the first Czech group, which performed at the biggest festival in the world GLASTONBURY. stand out for their energetic live performances, hyperbole and humor, but also a deeper look at social issues. Excellent position the project in many countries. viewers saw on Dutch festivals Dunya in Rotterdam, the Mundial in Tilburg and in the legendary Paradiso Hall in Amsterdam. The group played at the festival Couleur Café in Brussels and Sfinks festival in Belgium, Bestival on the British Isle Of Wight, Pulse Festival in London and the Sziget in Budapest, at the World Music Festival in Ulsan, South Korea. heard this, even the Australian audience, the band went on their tour in a local festival Karavan. Since 2010, the band began to explore the many great musicians. was always a project based on the collaboration between musicians from different genres and cultures.

Radoslav Banga outside it began to collaborate with many international artists like with Gogol Bordello, Boban Markovic, or DELADAP. The shift to the new sound eventually brought him to the three special people -Tomášovi Baroš (one of the great bassist in the country), great accordionist for Jan Sochor and excellent Slovak violinist Viliam DIDAS.


Radek Banga

It all began in 1996, when a bunch of Prague Zizkov Roma decided to unify and founded the hip-hop community "Kalo Rikonos". For two years before that course together with his twin brother Patrick Banga on their first demo record called "The Twins". A year later, however, the original Kalo Rikonos pluck Banga brothers and together with Dj Smog (ex-Chaozz) forming the group Syndrom Snopp.

Radek and his twin brother comes from a family of musicians Banga, Olah and Haluska, which was after World War II, the most best known cymbalom group in the former Czechoslovakia. Perhaps that's why Radek had to survive another 8 years when he recorded his first solo album in english, entitled Ya Favourite Cd-Rom. Meanwhile, he recorded many albums - the first commercial, but not too successful achievement (2000), three more albums the group Syndrom Snopp (Reloaded was the last one in 2006). However, only Ya favorite Cd-Rom has experienced success and critical acclaim at home and abroad. Because it contained elements of gypsy music, which Radoslav mixed with hip-hop background. That was the main issue on a much deeper merger, which has formed the group In 2004, Radoslav meets with violinist Vojtech Lavicka and together with other musicians based group (name arises only adding endings for existing pseudonym).

Radoslav the music scene, however, established himself as a composer. Already in 2004, he became the author of the first big hit Aneta Langerova "I'm flying to the stars" and was followed by cooperation with American Perez O'Neal. He is the author of two songs on the album, Lucie Bila - MODI., songs of other czech interprets like Karel Gott, Hanka Zagorová and others. He worked with such people as are needed Boban Markovic, and Gogol Bordello. In 2007, he won the price of OSA in the "most successful author of popular music."

In 2011, Radoslav Banga held in cooperation with the server travel the whole country with a new kind of prevention. The program titled "If you want, you can do it" since inspired hundreds of young school children across the country. Radek's method is new, fresh and understandable for young people with whom they speak their language. Thanks to its prevention success and leaving motivated students. The aim is to prevent pathological phenomena in behavior, especially in the area of drugs, violence, bullying and racism. Banga and continues its work ambassador equal opportunities for all of 2007.

In 2015 he became a participant in the popular dance competition StarDance or when the stars dance, where he fought his way up to 4th place.


Radek Banga

Tomas was born on 31st August 1985 in Teplice. He is one of the youngest and also the most talented bassists on the Czech music scene. His great musical skills have roots in musical family - his father Julius Baros is very famous trumpeter and he was the inspiration of his life. He led him to music in an early age. In 14 years, Thomas has played in clubs on the Prague jazz scene. He studied classical bass at the Prague Conservatory in the class of Professor Kvetoslav Borovicka.

In 1999 he won the first prize in the national competition in Trutnov in his age category. 4 years later (2003) he was awarded the price (soloists of the year) at the international Jazz & Blues Festival in Usti nad Labem and in 2004 he got a scholarship to the legendary Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA). In 2012, he became a member of the Quartet together with Miroslav Hloucal, he was the winner at the German-Czech competition Jazz Prix. Since 2004 he has been a member of the Gustav Brom Big Band and Czech-Slovak Big Band Matúš Jakabčic. Since 2006 he has also played with Ida Jazz famelia project and other projects such as Ondřej Šveráček quartet, sextet Radovan Tariška, Andrew Krajnak trio ..In the role of the performer played with such stars as Alex Sipiagin, Igor Buttman, Benny Golson, Benito Gonzales, Piotr Wojtasik, New York Voices, John Betsch, Adam Pieroncik, Harry Sokal, Douglas Sides, Gabor Winand, Dennis Rowland, Karen Edwards and worked also with Paul Wlosok, Pablo Held, Iva Bittova, Ida Kelarová, Ryan Carniaux, David Dorůžka, Uwe Plath, Filip Gondolán, Jure Puklo, Milo Suchomel, Karer Růžička Jr. a Sn. , Emil Vyklický, Matuš Jakabčic, Luboš Šrámek, Klaudio Kováč and many others. The concerts of jazz standards with Ida Kelarová and Iva Bittova in Lucerna (Prague) played a duet with bassist George Mraz. He participated in the creation of many outstanding jazz albums not only the Czech scene. Among other things, played for such personalities as President Vaclav Klaus and including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. About Thomas is a huge concern, because it is truly a first-class bassist. That is why we are honored that he chose as his arch musical home. His contribution to the band is huge, it truly is one in its field.


Jan Sochor

He was born in December 1981. Ever since had coveted for music and as the principal instrument of his choice eventually accordion. His education was at the Prague Conservatory and soon after graduation was involved in Lewron orchestra. After the release of CD "Olza" followed by many others. His accordion so you can find the albums Marta Kubišová Lucie and Helena Vondráčková, or Hana Zagorová. Now you can also hear him on concerts

Jan Sochor name is associated with many bands. Within ten years he played with people like. Hartmut Krug Band Dresden (Germany) in 2006 left tour with Der Neuen Lausitzer Philharmonic Görlitz, still collaborates with DH studio Vyžlovka where recording for film and other artists. He is a member of the Prague funfair Orchestra and also with Krug Band plays to date. In 2002-2003 he performed in the musical Chess (Chess - Andresson, Ulvaeus, Rice). Thanks to its concert activities at home and abroad is often a popular musician. His top game was played in Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovak Republic and other countries and not only in Europe. Laureate of international competitions in playing the accordion. Now Jan Sochor also part of the group


Viliam Didiáš

Viliam was born in 1976 in Zvolen (Slovakia) into a musical family. His first violin since he was three years. He understood with them so that later began studying the arts school. His exceptional talent got him to the conservatory Jan Levoslav Bella in Banska Bystrica. Viliam was a disciple of the legendary Slovak virtuoso violinist Rinaldo Olah, with whom he studied composition and violin. He did not know that he himself would one day be a teacher.

After graduation, he devoted himself to playing the instrument as a freelance artist. He worked in many ensembles. Besides, he also attended master art classes, which helped him to better and musically mature on the violin. From its first appearance it was clear that this is a violinist with prominent soloists assumptions beautiful melodious voice, excellent technique and musical intelligence.

Thanks to his talent came to the stage with such names as an opera singer Martin Babjak a member of the Slovak National Theatre, Elizabeth upper concert artist and member of the Czech Philharmonic in Bratislava, Marián Varínsky concert accompanist and member of the Slovak National Theatre, Petr Šubert and Richard Rikkon. He was also a member of the orchestra Gold Violin (brings together the best musicians Slovakia), where he took the first violin, and also a member of the Theatre JGT Zvolen, where he played a major role Romany violinist in the famous theater play "Gypsies go to heaven."

To improve its anyway already great violin attended master classes in Hungary Balaszagyarmat (1998-2000) for major artists Cologne radio and symphony orchestra, he studied at Aliewa Faiga and Wolfgang Richter. Besides touring he could devote pedagogical activities. In his native Zvolen worked as a teacher and to have such a musician in a band, it's a dream. You work with absolute professional, a leader in its field and things are going at once by themselves. Viliam is a great podium player and we are honored to have him in the band


Upgrade (2013) Upgrade

01. Intro
02. Upgrade
03. Žigulik
04. Mafioso
05. Odraz v očích
06. Mangav šun
07. Týpek z náměstí
08. Vlasy pode mnou
09. Halo?
10. Tiro šukar asaviben
11. Gypsy tango
12. Maro
13. Pád Fenixe
14. In memory of Erno
15. Mrtvá nevěsta
16. Outro

Desperado (2011) Upgrade

01. Intro
02. Desperado
03. More let's go!
04. Hraní v altánu
05. Čhaje čhaje
06. Bešav andre Praha
07. Doktor Folklór
08. Skit
09. Čokoláda
10. Aha!
11. Mlíko a med
12. Čím víc cukru
13. Černej gádžo
14. U la la
15. Poslední čorka
16. Kdo j**á, ten j**á Upgrade

01. Benga beating
02. Barvoslepej svět
03. Dokud dejchám
04. Večernice
05. Amen savore
06. Amenca
07. Reprezent
08. Na cigánské svatbe
09. Love love
10. Gejza ušti
11. Dobrý den
12. Udělej něco
13. Vítej
14. Čuňárna

Romano hip-hop (2006) Upgrade

01. Tajsa
02. Multin
03. 7/8
04. Romano hip-hop
05. Palikeras tumenge
06. Ne, že ne
07. Jednou
08. Welcome to Prague
09. Bengoro hang
10. Abacus
11. Načalado goďi
12. Tím, čím chcete
13. Mira daje
14. Muloland
15. Tečka




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